We are for Wild Tasmania

From the crew of The Habitat Advocate this new website has been born to advocate the wildness and wilderness values of Tasmania.

Following an excursion with Tasmanian nature photographer Alan Lesheim on 28th September 2009 to witness the mass logging destruction of the ancient Styx Valley, our editor vowed to champion the defence of Tasmania’s old growth forests.

On 6th October 2009, our editor registered the business name Wild Tasmania and the domain wildtasmania.org. We now birth this website, regrettably ten years later. We have some catching up to do.

May this website inspire and endure and follow the heroic work of so many conservationists who have come before. We dedicate this endeavour to the late Helen Gee, an inspirational Tasmanian conservationist and her life’s dedication to saving Tasmania’s native forest habitat. This editor never got to meet her at her home on the Tasman Peninsula, but was blessed by having chatted on the phone and received her seminal book ‘For the Forests’ (The Wilderness Society 2001).

We also dedicate this endeavour to the real Lake Pedder; may it be reborn.

Respect Out of Value (our motto).

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